Some continue to ride their motorcycles even when winter comes, while other give up on the vehicle completely, waiting for the snow and cold weather to pass. If you don’t want to ride the bike when the harsh weather makes an appearance, you have to properly prepare it for a long and well-deserved winter nap. […]

The first reaction when we take a look at the 2012 Honda Interstate ABS (VT1300CTABS) is ‘this is a nice a bike’. This model is one of the most stylish, before the monster Honda CBX 1000. Created on the platform Fury, the 2012 VT1300CTABS with added anti-lock braking system, features a 1312cc V-twin engine, arranged […]

If you’re the proud owner of one or several classic cars, or you’re thinking of purchasing, you also need to be thinking about how to protect an investment like that. The car emerged from mankind’s need to travel faster and faster, but even from the beginning, for some, it was more than that. For many, […]

Throughout its history of more than half a century, the Yamaha philosophy was based on the Japanese concept of ‘Kando’ (deep emotion); thus, Yamaha aims to provide products and services that exceed all expectations, to create deep satisfaction and intense emotions for all its clients. From motorcycles to scooters, from sky-jets to snowmobiles, the company […] is a dedicated website meant to provide a excellent customers experiences and to add value to the overall shopping process. Here you can easily find affordable Harley-Davidson parts and the greatest part is that you can easily surf through a wide variety of products that fall into different categories. This is a comprehensive website […]

Yamaha Motor Corporation was founded in 1955, when it began to imitate European motorcycles. The first Yamaha motorcycle series was launched in 1956 – the YA-1, also known as the Red Dragonfly. This was a motorcycle with a cylinder with two-stroke engine that developed 5.6 hp and a relatively high maximum speed. Yamaha currently manufactures […]

The beginnings of Harley Davidson motorcycles production date from 1903 when William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson have made ​​an engine plan, which they applied on a bicycle. The two friends from Wisconsin, Milwaukee considered this experiment a very important one, which has led to start designing a much higher and better engine. Thus, in […]

We participate to the road traffic daily, whether we drive to the office, go shopping, visit our friends and family or just need to go somewhere. When we start the engine, little do we think about something wrong that can happen on the road we are about to start. Unfortunately, the possibility for something to […]