The beginnings of Harley Davidson motorcycles production date from 1903 when William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson have made ​​an engine plan, which they applied on a bicycle. The two friends from Wisconsin, Milwaukee considered this experiment a very important one, which has led to start designing a much higher and better engine. Thus, in 1903, William Harley, Arthur Davidson and his brother, Walter, built three motorcycles, one of which was sold in 1904.

2012 Harley-Davidson FLHRC Road King Classic 2012 Harley-Davidson FLHRC Road King Classic Picture

There are not many those who know that the first Harley Davidson motorcycles were originally built for sporting purposes, which were used for off-road competitions. The company is registered in 1907, with the name ‘Harley Davidson Motor Company’, and since then the number of Harley Davidson buyers has increased from year to year.

For 2012, the company has announced its innovative bike with a nostalgic look, but a powerful and comfortable touch, the 2012 Harley-Davidson FLHRC Road King Classic. This Road Kind features modern characteristics and the technology specific to Harley Davidson. Therefore, take yourself time to explore all features of the Harley-Davidson FLHRC Road King Classic 2012 model, including the detachable windshield.

The new model has a 1690cc Twin Cam 103TM engine mounted on rubber shock absorbers that provide the power required in overtakes, ramps and journeys with passengers and luggage. An important and defining feature of the touring motorcycles is the presence of holsters. Therefore, the Harley Road King Classic features stiff holsters, covered in leather, which keep their shape over time. Because it is a bike for long and short distances, the model has also pneumatic rear suspension, which is adjustable and offers the possibility of different adjustments.

The colors available for the classic 2012 Harley-Davidson FLHRC Road King Classic are vivid black; brilliant silver pearl; cool blue pearl; dark candy root beer/light candy root beer; psychedelic purple/vivid black; apple green/vivid black. Therefore, customers have the possibility to choose between these new paint options, the one they love the most.

The price for the 2012 Road King Classic varies according to colors; therefore, if you choose the vivid black, the bike will cost you 19,599 US dollars, while for the two-tone you will pay 20,334 US dollars. In addition, the custom colors will be 20,504 US dollars, while the solids, about 19, 984 US dollars. No matter the color, this bike features the unmistakable style of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, which makes them the kings of the road.

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