Yamaha Motor Corporation was founded in 1955, when it began to imitate European motorcycles. The first Yamaha motorcycle series was launched in 1956 – the YA-1, also known as the Red Dragonfly. This was a motorcycle with a cylinder with two-stroke engine that developed 5.6 hp and a relatively high maximum speed. Yamaha currently manufactures two-stroke engines and has a huge community of fans.

2012 Yamaha Road Star S 2012 Yamaha Road Star S Picture

At that time, the best selling models were the Yamaha RD 250 and RD 350. The most innovative feature of these bikes was the diaphragm valve of the engine’s intake tract. With this innovation, the vehicle was better engaging at the gas exchange and the speed was increased immensely. Yamaha’s ability to build also compact four-stroke engines is proven by the Japanese in 1969. With the XS1, Yamaha brought on the European market a sidecar in the British motorcycle style.

The story can go one, but let’s say some things about the 2012 Yamaha Road Star S, one of the most customized V-twins on the market and for good reason. The 2012 model looks great, due to the classic image that displays. The 2012 Yamaha Road Star S gets black and chrome accents, features fuel injected engine 102-cubic-inch, air-cooled, 4 valves per cylinder, 5-speed transmission.

The new Yamaha Road Star S combines the retro simplicity with new technologies to allow the rider to enjoy more the experience on two wheels and less on the details that allow him to move. The compact and easier shape of the new model, allows the embedding of a new engine that uses a high-tech valve. The model possesses a carbon fiber belt and lots of quality chrome engine covers.

The wonderful paint and the extensive chrome detailing make of the 2012 Yamaha Road Star S a striking machine. The new model boasts high quality metallic black lacquer color, wonderful chromed front fork assembly and quality wide chromed front brake. All these detailing prove that the 2012 Yamaha Road Star S is a road star, as amazing as it is powerful.

The new Yamaha Road Star S is expected at the beginning of 2012 and will be available at a price of approximately 13,490 USD. Customers will get also the accessory passing lamp kit, which is available through Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories.

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