Throughout its history of more than half a century, the Yamaha philosophy was based on the Japanese concept of ‘Kando’ (deep emotion); thus, Yamaha aims to provide products and services that exceed all expectations, to create deep satisfaction and intense emotions for all its clients. From motorcycles to scooters, from sky-jets to snowmobiles, the company offers the latest technology for maximum fun on land and on water.

2012 Yamaha V-Star 950 2012 Yamaha V-Star 950 Picture

For 2012, Yamaha introduces to the market a new V-twin cruiser at high standards, the 2012 Yamaha V-Star 950. This is the proof that the classic style and ideas never go out of style. So if you’d rather be reading small car reviews, then you’re in the wrong place, because Yamaha is faster than a small car and frankly, more appealing as well. You might make a disadvantageous comparison by saying that a Yamaha can cost as much as a small car, but the two types of vehicles offer two entirely different experiences, so the comparison stops here. Small car reviews are for those who want a safe automobile with little fuel consumption, whereas Yamaha is all about extremes and living life to the fullest.

The new Yamaha V-Star 950 model is characterized by an attractive style. The bike is equipped with fuel injected engine, air-cooled and benefits of the power and torque she needs to face the challenges. Everything looks good at the new Yamaha V-Star 950; the stylish, clean lines and the color make the bike an amazing machine. Moreover, the size able tires and the belt transmission make the force to get to the wheel and at the same time, not to discount the aspect.

The 2012 Yamaha V-Star 950 model makes a good impression immediately, whether you admire its classic silhouette and lines, or you admire the superb sound of the V-twin engine. At the first glance, you will admire the luxurious chrome parts, wheels with bright spokes, the imposing dual exhaust and the short tail which seems to be cut. The appealing appearance of this 2012 V-Star makes you take your helmet, fire up that powerful engine and ride to a new and unknown destination. But behind the classic look of this bike, you’ll find engineering innovations that result in top performances.

Inside, the bike accommodates a 942cc V-twin engine with four-valves per cylinder, fuel injection benefits such us improved fuel economy, smooth 5-speed transmission and better braking system. In addition, this model has one of the lowest saddles in its class, being comfortable for most riders.

The color options available for the 2012 Yamaha V-Star 950 are the worm candy red, and the cool liquid silver. The paint choices were available since this summer. As for price of the amazing and powerful 2012 Yamaha V-Star 950, this doesn’t vary according to the paint options. Therefore, customers can purchase the candy red and the liquid silver 2012 Yamaha V-Star 950 at the same price of 8,490 US dollars, available from July 2011.

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