We participate to the road traffic daily, whether we drive to the office, go shopping, visit our friends and family or just need to go somewhere. When we start the engine, little do we think about something wrong that can happen on the road we are about to start. Unfortunately, the possibility for something to go wrong is higher than we think, as road traffic accidents are not to be underestimated.

50 million people are injured and 1.2 million persons die every year because of road traffic accidents, leading to a global annual cost of almost 230 billion dollars. 1 in 10 beds in the hospitals is occupied by an accident victim. Every day, 3300 people die and 6600 are seriously injured on the roads around the world.

Every hour, 40 people under the age of 25 die in traffic accidents around the world. According to statistics, road accidents are the second most important cause of death for 5 to 29 years old persons.

About 850,000 people who die in traffic accidents are under 45 years old in developing countries and are the only one in their families who earn money to sustain it. The average cost of road traffic accidents in developing countries is about 65 billion dollars per year.

Even if it has only 1% of the world`s motor vehicles, India has the highest number of road traffic accident in the world. In India, 1.27 million people are seriously injured and about 120,000 people die every year due to road accidents, but the majority of them are pedestrians. The cost associated to these accidents and deaths rises to 12.5 billion dollars every year.

The majority of people who survive a serious road traffic accident suffer brain injury or spinal cord injury, so they lose their mobility and are confined to wheel chair or to the bed for the rest of their lives. The best chance of survival for a seriously injured victim is to be brought in the casualty department within the first hour after the accident.

One of the major causes of road traffic accidents is drunk driving, causing 15-20% of all traffic accidents. Road accidents also happen because of distracted drivers, driver fatigue, speeding, aggressive driving and weather conditions.

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With all the incredible statics below, you should try to be more responsible when in traffic and consider the safety of others. Drive safe!

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